Hey guys! I'm new around here and I just started playing guitar yesterday

I've been playing the keys for several years now and I have a solid grasp of music theory. I decided to pick up the guitar because you just can't ROCK on the keys. At least not as well.

What sort of training method would work best for a songwriter? I'm not all that interested in playing anybody else's songs except maybe one or two of my favorites.

I have several hours a day that I can commit to practice and I'd prefer to use a book/internet to learn by. I just can't afford to pay a teacher for lessons and I'd rather spare myself the inconvenience of lugging my gear back and forth when I'm already tired from a day at work.

As for gear, I certainly bought stuff that will make me appreciate quality gear when I decide that I've learned enough to warrant the purchase. My guitar is a Sammick Malibu ( Strat copy ) and I play it through an Ibanez IBZ10G practice amp.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
well if you're better at lyrics write music first, and vice versa.
write lyrics first music second or music first lyrics second..
anyway works..
Hey great...you know the piano and theory...now it's time to convert it guitar! Non-linear is the name of the game. Since you didn't specify what kind of rock or what kind of music you like writing, I'll just say this - learn your fretboard! Because you only have 4 fingers to play chords, the voicings will be much different then piano. Learn that part and you'll be ready to Hope it helps.
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If you've been playing the keys for a long time and you already know your theory I'd get a teacher because mostly what you need is proper technique. A book can't tell you what you're doing wrong.
The music that I write is post-hardcore if that helps at all. A teacher really just isnt practical at the moment, Zycho. Time and money just aren't lining up for that to be realistic.

I've already started to take your advice, Kryptnet.

I do have a follow-up question though. Many of bands that I listen to use alternative voicings. Mostly drop c and drop d. At this point should I just master the instrument with standard tunings before I explore the other options?