So I had $240 saved up and was waiting for two $125 checks to come in the mail, one each for some musicals I did (one at a college, one at a high school). Then I ended up getting a $100 check from the grandparents from easter. So now I've got a total of $590, and with spring break next week my mom is taking me to the closest Guitar Center (which happens to be two hours away <_<.

I'm planning on getting the Ibanez SR505. I've heard good things about it (and the SR506, but I don't want or need the 6th string). But since I'm going to be there, are there any other basses I should look out for that might be better suited for me?

I'm sure it will also help to tell you I play a lot of alternative rock and I'm starting to play a bit of melodic death metal. If it also helps, right now I'm playing through a Fender B-DEC30 amp but I'm going to start saving for an Ampeg BA-115 combo, or something similar to it.

So, any opinions or other basses to look out for or should the Ibanez do me fine?
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Muchos thanks
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I'd check out some Schecter 5 string basses, I think they do 4 strings too, they're perfect for the Death Metal stuff, plus you get EMG Hz pick ups (personal favourite of mine)

As one of the basses I own is an Ibanez, I'd stay away from alternative rock with'em, but death metal, people or you wouldnt notice any little flaws during a gig, it does its job for death metal though.
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I love ibanez. the SR505 is my dream bass. Great neck, very thin for a five stringer!!

I am jealous of you!! Have fun!
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I have an Ibanez Sr505 and I must say it is my favorite bass so far that I own. The 3 band Eq can get a lot of different tone's and styles and the neck is very thin. I wish I had not purchased the 505 but rather got the 506 for the extended range. All in all it is a very nice bass and I am glad I got it.
I love my SR500, very versatile, easy playing bass.

You can easely get an alternative rock sound out of it or a metal sound (or almsot any sound actually)
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Well, I feel I should minimally expand this conversation.

I personally am an Ibanez guy. Love'em. And the Soundgear is a great choice. However, don't forget two other Ibanezes - the Attack and the Ergodyne.

I have an Ergodyne, love it, but depending on what kind of alternative you're going for (what a genre headache), that may or may not do it for you. I put Slinkies on mine, and I can get a great, mid-ful hot sound from it like that. If you check out the Soundgear, make sure you check out the Ergo, it's like its cousin.

The Attack doesn't have the same narrow fast neck as the Soundgear/Ergodyne. It does have a pretty cool sound though. I don't see them around as much as I would like, but I'm sure you can get your hands on one at GC.

Basically... I'm suggesting you try out all of Ibanez. They should pay me for how much I do that.
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