Hi guys and girls.

I normally go out wednesday (my day off college is thursday), friday and saturday every week.

I usually drink between 8-10 pints of Strongbow.

Now I'm trying to loose a bit of weight (5ft 10, 12.5 stone, 32 waist jeans worn on hips), would switching over to say, tequila (which I know I prefer over vodka) or some other clear spirit be more beneficial than drinking cider?

Of course I'd be staying in too, thus saving moolah.
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Meth, a few years of that and you'll lose mega weight, I don't recomend.
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Yes, provided you don't mix it with lemonade or some crap.

C'mon man.

I like to ENJOY my drink, not be burnt by it.

Sugar free lemonade?

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Oh, and dance a lot more. Go to clubs, not pubs.

I'm starting staying in, to save money.
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It's better to drink no alcohol.

Alcohol doesn't just have calories, it's very presence in your system affects you metabolism.
as your physician i would like to prescribe a healthy dose of excercise and to stay away from alcohol.

as it slows your body, you'll have less metabolism.
also, as it costs a good bit, its not gonna save you much money.
staying in won't help you lose weight.

go do some nice running or something and drink water or gatorade or something...(running is free and i imagine water is easier to come by and cheaper than alcohol)
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I should of included that I'd be excercising too, and eating healthier.
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during the week on ur off days work out and run a lot. then when party time comes dont be the one to arrange going out and when you do go out just sip your beer...problem solved
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Or just don't drink as much. You don't need to be pissed to have a good night.

well, idk about that because every single time i get drunk i have a crazy night.

fawk offf and let him have fun.
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