Now, I've heard some bad things about Spider amps, but I enjoy mine, it's a Spider II 112 75w. Right now I've got my Digitech RP250 running into this thing, and I like the tone I get from the various effects. I honestly have no experience with other amps so I wouldn't know how they would sound with my RP250.

I was just wondering, should I stick with this amp or sell it and buy another amp, something that would sound better? I'd prefer something under or around $300.
A tube amp should sound less digital with the rp250 that's for sure.

What are you willing to play?
I'd pay probably $325 or lower. I play pretty much everything from metal, classic rock, jazzy stuff with a lot of clean tones and such.

I don't gig or do this like that, so household loudness would be fine for me. And if I did I could always mic my amp, right?
Well most venues should have a PA system. Remember i did say most. Try looking into the valveking, I like the cleans on it, and the overdrive is mighty fine. You might wanna grab your RP and head down to the local guitar store and try out a bunch of tube amps out, in your price range that is. Also if you are willing to let to of your RP250 then you are going to have more choices.
Thanks for the input! I'm probably going to buy a bunch of separate pedals later on, for now the RP250 suits my needs.
If you aren't gigging then stick with the Spider.

The RP250 isn't really needed since the Spider has a whole bunch of effects. If you need other effects you could just buy separate pedals.
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and also, if you like your tone, thats all that matters
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