My friend recently purchased 2 new pick ups for his Epiphone Les Paul, they where '57 Classic Necks and Burstbucker Pro Bridge Pickups. We like to play 80's Guns n Roses etc. We both play through Fender Amps mainly, he runs through a 59 Bandmaster Half-Stack (a gift from his grandfather) and I run through a Fender 65 DSP amp.
My friend primarily runs off of his amp a Zoom G2 pedal and a Classic Crybaby Dunlop wah. The tone he achieves running through his amp isn't exactly as good as what I can achieve through mine. But when he comes over to screw around, he plugs in through my amp (which I am currently running a Weeping Demon Wah-Pedal to a Ibanez Tubescreamer to a Ibanez Distortion to a Zoom G2 (for EQ, and effects) to my amp.) His tone sounds great through my amp, and mine comes close but just can't match. My guitar is an Epiphone SG-400 (same class as his Les Paul), and I realize that his tone has more of a "roomier sound" due to the bigger body, but the rest of his tone can only be attributed to the new pickups.
I actually was the one who threw out the idea of modding our guitars with new pick ups, but I kinda forgot about it as Christmas came and I got a computer. But I had always entertained the idea of getting a new amp instead, but when I think of the sound that my friend can achieve and the sound that I can achieve, I feel that the Pickups are a more of a necessity.
Another reason I feel I should get a new pick up is the fact my current stock pick ups don't have the output that my friends pickups have. This can be combated by turning up my volume when we're playing on separate amps, but when we are using a Y cable to bypass our signal into one amp with 2 guitars, his sound out plays mine.

Now, this isn't a blog on my tribulations, this is where I will ask you about what I should do.

As I mentioned before, my friend has 57 Classics in his neck and Burstbucker Pros in his bridge.
I have been looking at maybe the 500t's and 496r's for my pickups in the bridge and neck respectively.

Now I ask you UG, would these Pickups suit my needs, or might you recomend something different. Also, I have case coverings on my SG as of now, and I feel that I should use them. (I would replace the chrome with Gold though) would the tone be effected at all?

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Fender amps aren't great for anything 80's really, but with those pedals it should work. Maybe go on google and try and find which pickups GnR actually used, they might have used Seymour Duncans, and more than likely they used Marshall amps. Also, try and raise the height of your pups, if they're closer to the strings, they'll probably sound better. stock pickups on an Epi aren't usually the best, but the "Slash Signature Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop" actually comes with Seymour Duncan Pickups, which are good. So you should probably buy some Seymour Duncans!

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You need a new amp.


If you would have read the entire thread, you will have seen that infact said I like the tone that my friend was getting through MY amp
First off, Invaders are NOT good.

Second, changing your amp would make the MOST difference for the money. An amp is the majority of your tone.

If you really insist on getting new pickups....
Here's a better combo than your friends:
Try a Seymour Duncan SH-14 in your bridge, and a Seymour Duncan SH-1 in the neck.

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If you would have read the entire thread, you will have seen that infact said I like the tone that my friend was getting through MY amp

I read the entire thread, but I call BS. IF you like your tone then you don't need new pups. If you don't like your tone then you need a new amp. Simple as that.
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