Get nitro lacquer, sand it, lacquer it, and play that motherf*cker.

More info: sand some spots down on the neck, get your hands dirty (oil, dirt, sweat, whatever!) and play for a while. Cigarette burns are an effect but look hideous to me.

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Vintage Tint Lacquer from Reranch would help you get an "aged" look. As far as feel, make sure it has a 9.5" radius i think, and maybe look at the curve on it, depending on the type of neck u want.
I have never made a neck before, but i am pretty handy with wood (shut-up...i'm straight)

How do i measure the radius, and do you think that trying to make this neck would be too hard for me to do?

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How do i measure the radius

Short answer: buy radius gauges from Stewart MacDonald. Long answer: pay more attention in your trigonometry class.
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and do you think that trying to make this neck would be too hard for me to do?

It sounds like it. Have you ever made anything somewhat similar to a neck?
theres no way to learn to make a neck other than makin' one urself. neck blanks are cheap- usually about $20. buy a few and start practicing. my first neck was really s***ty, but my second one was better, and so on. go for it.
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