i have a part to plug my guitar into my pc, but i need some software. i want some that can give me distortion for my guitar. anything you recommend.

Thanks, Taylor
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You could try the Guitar Rig software. I found Version 2 to be better than Version 3, although overall I prefer Amplitube to either of them.

So, in summary, +1 to Amplitube.
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guitar rig can get more tones, takes more tweaking, but amplitude is simple and great toned
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By the looks of it, you're looking to download instead of buy the software. Just to warn you, Guitar Rig requires the footcontroller/interface that comes with what you buy.
amplitube is a nice piece of software and can create great results straight off, but ive never been a fan of guitar rig - i know someone who's got it and only ever uses have the settings, amplitube is a lot better and easier, providing you dont want to spend hours searching for 'that' tone
for just Distortion I like iZotope Trash, you'll need a VST host to run it.
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ok so i dont want guitar rig because i would have to buy a pedal. im looking at guitar fx or amplitude. which one. any viruses? which one has more effects? do they have acoustic effects?

Thanks, Taylor
"everything happens for a reason"
i hate the noise gate on amplitube... really.. really hate it.
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ok well where can i buy something like this? how much? i would rather get guitar fx
"everything happens for a reason"
ok i got guitar fx but cant seem to get it to work. im uninstalled that and im trying amplitube
"everything happens for a reason"