I've been looking around for a new amp for about 6 months now and have looked through a few models. I found that tube amps dont sound good unless turned up loud. this is an issue since i am not gigging right at the moment and i mostly just want one for house practice. I looked at the 5150 and 6505 stacks and they are overkill and out of my price range. I am mostly looking for an amp that can be loud but sound just as good quiet. I'm also unsure of whether i should go ss or tube. any recommendations on an amp under a $1000 whether its combo/stack or ss/tube for metal ?

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Go tube.

I would look into a B-52 AT-100 head with an Avatar 2x12 cab.
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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Orange Tiny Terror is always a good option.
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go tube. if you can find one, a 5150 combo is good. alternatively, look at randals or various other peavies. even a marshall (except the MG series) carvins are nice also.

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I got my 5150 II halfstack off ebay for 850 + 100 shipping, so it's not out of your price range however it might like you said be a little overkill. It doesn't really sound that bad at low volume though since most of their distortion comes from the preamp. You might wanna check out the combo.
i have heard nothing but bad news from the combo..has anyone ever played it or heard it before?
Seriously, buy a Peavey XXX and retube it later on. It sounds great at low volumes as well as rip your face off levels. I run mine through an Avatar orange-style 2x12, and it's a MONSTER. And ironically, it's for sale!
You're gonna get a lot more out of a combo at this price. There's a buttload of options. The new Line 6 Spider Valves are definitely worth a look at. Also check out some of Randall's MTS series amps. B-52 also has a few combos in that price range that sound awesome. You could go for the Randall RG50TC and have some money left for a new guitar or booze or whatever.
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