Pardon my ignorance....but is there such thing as a....reverse pedal...?

as in, you play a note and it kind of sounds like its fading in type of thing...

apologies if it does exist and im being an arsehat but i never seen one...

tried the searchbar too
You could make the note fade in by using volume swells.
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Short answer, it's actually a reverse delay. It can be found in most digital delays. There's also another type of envelope pedal that simulates a volume swell.

Long answer, GG&A.
Volume swell works. There's a effect called "SLOWATTACK" on my little trusty Korg that does about the same thing as what you described automatically. Maybe there's another pedal that does this that isn't a volume pedal.
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reverse delay was the 1st thing that popped into my head.

tends to be a feature on more expensive digital delays.
hmm ok thanks for that

i dnt no i was thinkin if u start playin a wee bit fast though, wouldnt volume swells just be too difficult? or too much arseache?
I heard on the Boss multi effect series they have something like that.
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