Ok, i have a blues deville 410 RI and in the future i will be getting a stereo chorus and possibly a couple other pedals with stereo out puts. Does anybody have any experience running each output to a seperate input on the amp? Also could i build a bank of say 4 input jacks to collect the second outputs of the pedals and send them out through one output into the second input of the amp so i would not have to change cables for the second input every time i change stereo effects?
i own a deville 212, but I use it with another amp I have cuz I have a few stereo pedals. Anyway, you when you have multiple stereo pedals, the only one that uses both outputs is the last one in the chain, whether the effect is on or off it should split the signal for you. My DD-6 is the last thing in my chain everything else I just have the mono inputs and outputs hooked up. as far as hooking up to the two inputs on the amp, give it a try, see if you like it, i've never done it but my set up sounds pretty cool, one amp on my left, other on my right