alright, so i wanna get either an overdrive or distortion as stated in the title. thing is, i dont know what would be better for me. i play through a vox ad30vt and the high gain channels sound kind of muddy and have too much distortion, but the overdrive channel sounds real nice, but sometimes i cant get enough gain. also i play some classic hard rock(zeppelin, zz top), and i like to play some thrash metal(metallica, megadeth). so what do you guys think is better for me?
From your setup, an overdrive sounds like the thing. Boss makes reference to its ability as a signal booster, so you might be able to get a little more edge with the drive channel. Distortion pedals are more like "super-amp" simulators, at least in my opinion, but at least you can sculpt the sound a little better.
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how much is 15,000 PHP? I didn't know they played guitar in the Phillipines. I thought they played ukelele or something.

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you have 600 bucks in your fund, just get a new amp.
New amp always comes before new guitar (unless you guitar is complete and utter crap, but you have an Epi LP standard, which is quite nice)
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