Does anyone know how to pronounce the last name of Chuck Schuldiner, the guitarist/vocalist/main songwriter of Death?

I can't figure out if its Shull-den-er or Shull-dine-er
I think it's SCHUL-DIN-ER
I'm too poor for an electric. Chuck Schuldiner is Dead. Pink Floyd broke up. 4chan has more members than UG. TyPiNG liKE THiS Is ThOUghT Of AS cOoL.

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I think it's SCHUL-DIN-ER

I think so too.

god i miss death they were amazing
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Yep, Sholl-Din-Er (or God)

^ Hes true 'ya know?
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Like "school dinner"
Actually called Mark!

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Like "school dinner"

no dude shewl-dine-errr
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I always said Shull-Dinner. But I trust anything Steve says.
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