Hey guys, just started playing bass about 2 weeks ago (so much fun [don't know why i didnt start years ago]) and i dont have an amp yet but im obviously going to buy one eventually when i have the money.. So i was wondering should i save up more money and go for something with a bit more wattage and punch to it, so i wont have to upgrade for a while, or should i just buy a 20-30 bass amp to start with...? Id like to make some noise so maybe i was thinking about something with like 100 watts to start with...
Thanx in advance, id appreciate some tips
Even if you're just playing by yourself, you never know when you'll start jamming with people, and 100W is the bare minimum w/ distorted guitar and a drummer.

I'd say go for something like http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ashdown-Electric-Blue-12180-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=485036 if you're planning to jam w/ people, but for now I suppose something around the 50W range should be fine.

Also, for some reason, I've found that lower wattage amps sound really bad. Don't worry too much about a higher-wattage amp being "too loud," there's a volume knob for a reason.
i had good results w/ a peavey tko 80 and until you start jamming at volume something along that line should work....they are well built and inexpensive and not to big for the average car
$600 is like twice as much as my guitar costs,
In auz $ how much you think an average 100 watt amp would be?