Which tubes do you take out? Can i just take my amp to a guitar tech shop and they do it? Basically my friend has a peavey jsx and he took out 2 tubes so that the wattage is 60 instead of 120, aka much more reasonable.

I want to do this with my 6505+.

Thanks guys !
Do it on your own. Usually, you can safely take out either the inner two or outer two power tubes. Check your amp's schematic.
When I had my XXX, I removed the two outer tubes to bring the power down to 60 watts. I imagine it's the same with your 6505+
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I dont want to reck anything so which ones should i take out? Maybe ill ask the tech and do it myself. If I follow what my friend did will that work?
Yea, if your gonna do it yourself though make sure you know which ones to pull. Like xTJx said it is usually the outer 2, but unless your certain take it to someone or do more research.
ya it should considering there both peavy and both heavy but one has more channels so i would ask.
from my experience either the outer two or inner two can be pulled, although in quite a few amps they are wired in a way so that if any 1 tube blows or is pulled the whole thing will cease to function.
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I'm leaning towards the outer 2 but I'm not 100% positive. Just call up a shop and ask them.
2 outer or 2 inner. Never 2 on the same side.

Are you looking to reduce volume? Because the volume difference is very slight.

If you're looking for power valve saturation at lower (still doesn't mean low though ) volumes though then I believe this would be the best place to start.
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make sure you account for the added impedance, the impedance selector should now be set to half the impedance of the cab you are actually using. IE. 4ohm setting for an 8ohm cab, 8ohm setting for a 16ohm cab.
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The 6505+ gets most of its gain from the pre-amp, so I'm not too sure you want this for the right reasons.

IMO, you'd be much better off putting some better quality tubes in the pre-amp section, and some Yellow Jackets in the power section.
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