i've been trying to perfect my playing of the stairway to heaven solo but i just can't get that part in the middle thats goes: (like 10 times)


i dont have trouble with finger placement or speed, i just can't get it to sound right. any tips?
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Practice, listen to the song, watch and listen to videos of people playing the song on youtube or something and keep practicing till you get it sound right!

Soloing is about getting the timing of every note perfectly right and holding the notes for the right amount of time. If you're off with that, the solo will not sound right.
Speed and finger placement are not everything. Its getting the timing perfect that matters most.
And make sure you're getting the bends right too.

And tbh i can't get the stairway solo right myself. But then i hardly practiced it and i'm more of a rhythm guitrist, i like cranking up amps and banging riffs more than working solos!