Well for anyone who wasn't keeping up with my previous thread, I was planning on going to guitar center to get my first electric guitar. I had made the thread a few days ago looking for advice on how to get the best deal at guitar center. Now today I finally went, planning to spend a considerable amount of money for a 15 year old with no job. I went in there and man was it beautiful. Strat here, les paula there, even the bc rich warlocks looked good! I went up to the wall of guitars and found the electron blue has strat I had been saving three months for. Man was is a beauty. I took it and walked over to a bench, and played an a chord like twenty time because that's all I knew how to do. I had never heard an a chord sounds better! A man came over and asked me if I needed any help and I asked to be plugged in to a Roland microcube. Unfortunately they were all out. But behold a had a backup! A vox DA5 amplifier. Again, I played the a chord twenty more times and fnally said I want this one.

Now here where the good part comes in. Now below I am going t list the retail price of every thing I got:

Fender hss strat - 400
vox da5 amp - 140
livewire cable - 10
fender gig bag - free with guitar
Dunlop nylon standard picks - 5
Korg tuner - 20

Now if I'm not mistaken, this all comesout to 575$. All by saying the one simple line of "so how mch can you give this to me for as a package" I was able to get the final price of 500$ !!!!!!!!!! That's around 10% off !! So I came out of the store with amore expensive amp and payed way less than I originally thought I would.

Anyways, this is mainly for those of you who were wondering what finally happened. If you would like pics, I will add them. Now I'm going to move on to the beginners forum. Seeya!
Grats man, good to see our advice worked
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Good to see you happy about your purchase.

May as well give us some pics eh?
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Yay!! Well done bro. I bet you're excited about your new gear and feel relly good about getting the deal on it too. Good job!!

Now lets see some pix!
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That's pretty good, but a lot of the price went into the picks, the tuner and the cable. Most places will throw those in for free.

Sory about that, nice, i love getting new gear. All the best dude
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yeah it felt good. Came home and tried to learn some riffs but um gonna go through thebasics first. Its late nowbut I'll put up pics tomarrow.
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Nice man
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I think your keyboard may be broken.

'08 Gretsch White Falcon
'98 Fender USA Deluxe Tele
'79 Greco Les Paul Standard
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A bunch of funky pedals

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Congratulations man!!


*pictures please... lol

EDIT: btw, those retail prices u listed.. were those the prices they had on their tags? just wondering
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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.
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Wow, I got the anti-deal the other day. I got 10% off everything when I purchased a guitar, amp and 2 guitar stands, but I found out that the guy charged me almost twice what the two guitar stands cost on their own website. LOL

I called down to the store, told the manager about it and he's crediting back my card for the difference. Makes you wonder how much they take advantage of clueless guys like myself. I did my research on the guitar and amp, but forgot to look up the stands before I went down there. $14.99 didn't seem like a bad deal, but then I looked them up and they were only $7.99 on the site.

I'm already ticked at myself for not pressing the issue further to get some other stuff in the deal. You'd think for spending almost $700 that I could have gotten some picks or something. What's funny is I talked to the salesguy after the fact about it and he says "yeah, it depends on the situation." I said "I spent almost $700." He said "yeah, it just depends on the situation." Ah well. I guess I learned something for the future.