Yeah When I Use The Effects Loop My Amp Hums Like A Son-Of-A-Gun.
This Has Just Started Happening. I Haven't Added any pedals and i use the correct power supply for each.
My Board Goes Like This
Send-EQ-Noise Suppresor-RP80-Analog Echo-Boss DD-6 Delay-Return
hmm. this is a really bad bad bad bad hum...I'm pretty sure it needs to be grounded or something. Help??
take out the rp-80 and put the noise suppresor at the end of your guitar chain.
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Noise suppressor right before delay*
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Hi Wesman, do you have pedals in front of the amp as well, that're running off the same power supply? If so, it's possible that you've got a ground loop - try a separate power supply for pedals that're in front of the amp (i.e. not in the FX-Loop).

Have you checked all your cables? Maybe the ground on one of 'em fell off or something.

Tried running completely on battery power? Any changes?
I Put The Board In Front Of The Amp and Its No Problems.
I Have Another RP-80 In Front Of The Amp Tht Uses It own Power Supply And Extension Chord.i obviously cant put noise suppressor in front of any of the pedals but the EQ because i use the RP-80 Only for ambient effects like Reverb And A Ping Pong Delay. If Thhe suppressor is put after them it chokes them off alittle.
OK, that's weird. Tried running all the pedals on battery power? Or at least the ones that offer that possibility?
The DD-6, The Noise Suppresor and The RP-80 all can run on batteries but the life is horrible. like one jam session
I just mean running them for a little while to see if the hum is still there. The most common cause for hum/ground loops/extra noise on pedal boards is the power supplies, as well as cheap cabling ...
Could be the power supply your using. Theres a few that are known to cause alot of hum.... Saw a video of a guy and posted it on here that went through like 6 different ones. The Boss one ending up winning... If i remember correctly..
i'll try the batteries.
i use 1 Boss PSA and the rest are ones(the right ones) i picked up from random places..
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"That is so beast"

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i was playing today and i found out when i touch the return cord's metal part the hum stops.
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"That is so beast"

Beast is not a ****ing adjective.

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