so we have a gig this weekend.
and i want to run it real professional, none of this running around stage bull****.

can you guys give me two lists.
1; what i need spares of, and stuff that will help. eg, spare strings, gaffa tape, water. everything, nothing is to simple.


2; an order of getting on, should we all get the kit on first? or everyone set up their own thing, which order should we all set up?

thanks heaps
Set up your drum kit before the show, then bring it on to the stage. A decent Venue should already have a standard kit without Cymbals and a snare and other hardware etc, Guitars and bass don't take that long to set up , so get someone to help your drummer set up. Its important to set up and pack up quickly its all about professionalism good luck
spares of everything, you never know what could go wrong. have water on stage to drink, can get very hot and thirsty if theres a lot of lighting.
as far as setting up goes, get the drums on first, then guitars, bass and vocals as you see fit.
Spare amp cables is a must because losing one of those can kill the set instantly. Also spare strings is handy at times, though time consuming when one breaks so a spare guitar could be handy.
Tape. lots of it. if something falls apart (output jack, strap, etc.) you can always tape it. Take a screwdriver too, one which works for tightening the little screws that hold your guitar together.

Picks....many, many picks. Use tape to affix to mic stand, and leave piles everywhere (on amps, monitors, etc) so you can easily grab one.
ok, so far my list is:
gaffa tape,
spare strings,
spare leads,
spare 9 volts.
spare guitar.
five guitar stand. (for bass to use as well.)
water (for everyone)

plus the usual;

and as for order of operation, im thinking;
1.whole band set up drum kit off stage as band before us start.
2. each member gets their stuff ready side of stage.
3.vocal warm ups with singer.
4. play some guitar.
5. watch band untill half way through their last song.
6. help them lug off stage.
7:whole band gets drum kit on the riser.
8. singer helps bass player with his rig,
9. drummer helps me with mine.
10. everyone make sure we are plugged in and good.
11. i get okay look from every member.
12. start our atmospheric opener into song.

im thinking it should be good, but if you could tell me some things i might need in an emergency. like i just remembered i might need a pen in case of a setlist change.
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Tape. lots of it. if something falls apart (output jack, strap, etc.) you can always tape it.

Yep. Duct tape is definately very important.
There is a saying among musicians...
'Duct tape is like ''the force''. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.'
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Yep. Duct tape is definately very important.
There is a saying among musicians...
'Duct tape is like ''the force''. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.'

this seems really really weird, but never, ever use duct tape, or even worse "duck" tape of any kind. you need a good strong roll (or more) of black gaffer tape. it wont leave sticky residue on your stuff, which is what you want if your taping down cables, or thigns to your guitar.

and a roll of electrical tape for re-coiling your cables after. in fact, if you get time before, get all your cables, and put a bit of tape rounds each end, near the connector so that it is easily recognised as yours.

4gang extension leads for power. assume that there is only one power socket in the building, and that you have to all use it. that wasy, you'll never not have enough plugs. and a good 30m extension is handy to have nearby too.

a black marker pen, so you can change set lists and be able to read the corrections/to sign boobs with.

get there early. depending on the sixe of the stage, you might be able to set your rig up behind the other bands stuff. then you just get their stuff off stage and your good to go.
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There's never enough power sockets, ever.

Plus if you have a power supply for your effects, you'll need them in front of you, not behind you amp.

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iv alwayhs had the power suppluy plugged in behind me, is there anythig wrong with that? other than another lead going along the ground?

i also rememberd how sweaty we get, imma gonna bring a towel and change of shirt, seeing as we arnt the last band.

yeh, its just mainly the singer who needs water, i think the rest of us only need on or two, but he is continually guzzleing it down, like four or five for him, jsut to be safe.
Personally, unless the drum kit is awesome, take your own drum kit,every drummer i know (including myself and my bands drummer) normally dont play aswell on other peoples kits, wheteher it be the skins the tuning or anything, nothing is to small for drummers, evrything from the simple things you forget (Hi-hat clutches,Cymbal bushes) Plenty of sticks and your own bass pedal and even hi hat stand. boom stands aswell as most standard gig kits only come with 2 crash booms and 1 ride boom.

Bassist and guitarists just get a big travel bag, plenty of leads of high quality, 2 packs of strings each (you never know) a tuner, loads of plectrums, an extension lead and try and get a pick grip for your mic stand, they only cost about 6 quid and hold 7 plecs.

Little things like alot of water, some beer (not to much, you dont wanna get slaughterd) and maybe some throat eeaze aswell. another t shirt will help.

hope that ive been able to help!

Oh yes and some gaffa tape, that shit fixes everything
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Set up your practice space as you would for a gig, (if you can) Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect Practice makes perfect.....