is there any cheapish pedals to get that deep loose sound of a recto.

I've heard the sansamp gt2 has great recto sounds.
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What amp do you have? That's a much bigger factor than whatever pedals you plug into it.
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sansamp is the best amp in pedal i personally think

though youre just not going to come close to getting that heaviness and full on valve sound

also see V-twin pedal by mesa - very expensive too
Sure, for a few euro's you get the sound of a rig that costs a few thousand euro's.
^laurens, youre always so dry and almost angry in all your responses - i like that - you seem to know your stuff
Sans Amp GT-2, or V-Twin are the closest I've heard to the real thing without owning the real thing....

BUT... like Lauren was getting at.... it's never gonna be spot on.

Keep in mind too, that the GT-2 is designed to go to a board for recording, or to a PA direct.... it CAN be used to go to your amp, with great tones, but my experience is that it sounds better going direct for recording, and going direct for live situations.... I carry one with me at ALL times as a back up for my amp if the amp ever craps out at a gig.
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Your crappy amp achieved a purposely crappy tone? I'll alert the presses.
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^laurens, youre always so dry and almost angry in all your responses - i like that - you seem to know your stuff

I know I am being sarcastic, but my message is indeed like Brian said "it is never gonna be spot on.". Start with a decent amp.
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The threadstarter hasn't replied back as to what amp he's using, I'm assuming some random SS. I'm also guessing he's looking for that high gain modern metal Recto sound, which the V-Twin is not designed for. It can get heavy, but don't expect it to be a Recto-in-a-box. You're best bet to get a sound similar to a Recto is to use one of the following:

- A Modeler (Line6 Pod or Behringer V-Amp)
- Tech 21 GT-2
- Tech 21 California