Body $247:
Alder chambered $247 *Two piece body
American Standard Fender Tremolo route
Full body contours
Top Routed S/S/S

Neck $197:
Quarter sawn maple w/ matching fretboard
1 11/16” nut width
Black dot inlays
Gotoh/Grover tuner route
Standard 6105 frets

Hardware $52.45:
Graphite nut $4.75
Grover Midsize Locking Rotomatics $47.70 (SM)
6-hole vintage strat tremolo. $56.00

Stan Hinesely Electronics
Loaded pickguard with: (Pickguard $20.00)
Stans own custom Lagrange Pickups, full set $199.00
DS1 Wiring harness with treble bleed circuit $79.99
Midrange Plus and dual slope control tone controls,
and other odds and ends.

Things people might change or think are overpriced? My first attempt at a custom. Oh and the body im actually gonna get with a flamed top. By the time i order it all once im sure its what i want, probably take a month to get all parts done and to me, then a lil while to assemble, for the loot wanna make sure i do the assembly and finishing GOOD. Im gonna have the pickguard assembled. Want this guitar to primarily do blues and some classic rock.
Where are you getting the neck from, Warmoth??? Seems like the price is about right for their stuff. You can get a Mighty Mite (decent necks) for about $120.00
ah thanks for the reply. I dont wanna break the bank, but at the same time this is a guitar, tho im not great right now, i plan to keep for a loooong time. SO w/o breaking the bank, id like to get the best quality for the money. Im not deadset on the neck, so ill look into em. Most of the money for this project im tryin to keep out of pocket DIRECTLY right now...so over the winter ive saved spare change and stuff, lol...got bout 130 in change alone, and 430 i got for another guitar i had that i dont play anymore. Lookin for bs i have i can sell actually, lol. Anyone want a ps2 with 4 games? lolol. And yes...that is a warmoth.
It sounds nice. The neck seems a little bit pricey. you might wanna shop around a bit to see if you can get anything with the same kind of specs for cheaper.
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dude you can get an alder body for cheaper then that

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Quote by KISSguitarist
dude you can get an alder body for cheaper then that

Keep in mind, that price is for a chambered body. If you don't have to have a chambered body, you can easily score a solid for $65-100
ah, well i heard the chambered adds warmth to the overall tone, how many would say its worth the extra loot, im new to custom anything, and had someone helpin me figure it out.
I wouldn't get the chambered body, but that's just my preference. I'd get an ash body and dump a Dimarzio Tone Zone in it..