Any one got sum basslines worth sharing? slapping is fine. I've allready played through bands like RHCP, RATM, Incubus, tool, i'd like to play infectious grooves but sadly there is no tab . Also ive tried a bit of mettalica, but im not really a metal fan. I have also checked out some muse.

I only hav a 4 string bass so no 5 string ones. Yes i do know Primus and wooten and pastorius.

P.S, im not into rnb or hip hop, but they do make some great basslines
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Dig some of Bootsy Collins' stuff with Parliament/Funkadelic.
I <3 bangoodcharlotte

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But I have some Infectious Grooves tabs? They aren't really that fast but I really like the Violent Femmes' basslines.
Tab out infectious grooves urself ... or play some jazz mostly has cool basslines
Wow, for a change I'm NOT going to recommend metal

There's a little punk/ska band I like called Sonic Boom Six. Check out Bigger than Punk Rock from them. There's a cool bassline in that.
anything by Jaco Pastorius will do just fine. bawahahaahaha good luck with that.
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lulz ive tried pastorius b4 >< not good results. bootsy is cool but i prefer something a lil more modern. im into reel big fish and less than jaek for ska, but they dont hav what im looking for.

thanks for all help so far
learn some early micheal jackson like rock with you and off the wall
Stanley Clarke you should consider
Maybe Victor Wooten if you're up for it
If you're a bassist and haven't of these guys SHAME ON YOU!!
duh if heard of wooten, he is a god man, but that stf is hard as man.

any body got sum newer stf?
How about some R&B/pop? Songs like Deja-vu by Beyonce, Starlight by The Superman Lovers and Deeper underground by Jamiroquai have some fun basslines. Maybe not as hard as the songs you allready know, but you'll learn some fun new things.
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Death from above 1979?

maybe some NOFX for the ska/punk vibe?

a bit of Muse is always fun, New Born in particular

any of Claypools other musical projects, in particular flying frog brigade?
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any of Claypools other musical projects, in particular flying frog brigade?

Yeah, TS, if you figure out the majority of Up On The Roof I'll hug you. David Makalaster is great, and if you have a six-string check out Buzzards of Green Hill.
thanks again guys, im not into hip hop or pop, but i dont mind pop punk - taht is trash for bass though.

Will check out NOFX, ive heard about them.

muse ive allready heard, not ma style but has a great bassist.