Hey Guys
It seems that after i play a bit of lead my high strings (mainly my G but also the others) go out of tune. Only slightly at first, then progressively they become more and more out until it hurts my ears to play a chord. Any ideas on what i could do to fix this problem?!?
Thanks a lot

BTW I'm playing an Epi Les Paul Standard
^What he said. If they're new, unstretched strings, it's to be expected.

Try tightening up the screws on your tuners too.
I sure do and these arent really that new
this was still happening with old strings
Um stretch when you replace strings, don't use as intense of bends, use string lube, and retune.
my epi is about 1 1/2 years old and has recently been serviced as i replaced the pickups and got a service done when the pickups were put in.
it might be something with the nut. It may have to be replaced with a bone one. Think this guy talks about that alot in his Gibson vs Epiphone youtube video.

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But i dont think it would be the nut as all the high strings are effected. G more so but the B and E are still effected