This is a short acoustic piece i have been working on. I'm thinking of using it either as a short interlude between songs, or a "Part 1" of a series of songs that link together.

It is basically just a riff that is repeated throughout the whole piece (which is why it is only short) in which a lead (clean electric) comes in over the top. I am thinking of in the recording of it (as I am recording a full CD. once I get my recording gear, which i may put on my profile on UG) having some soft female vocals or some soft choral chants in the background, the kind that hold notes for a length of time, think of "Not Unlike the Waves" by Agalloch in the chorus (at least i think it's the chorus) where there is the clean singing...

C4C (preferably on a metal or acoustic/folk song )

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Very nice. unfortunatly for me i dont have a sub here so i can here the bass properly when it comes in. Its very relaxing and beutyful, and the soft vocals in the backround that your talking about would be awsome. The lead that comes in feels a little random at some places, and it could be a little better. But it stil is pretty good. I like it alot, i think you should make a whole song out of this.

Crit my latest, its a acoustic song.