I'm saving up to upgrade my rig and i would like some advice.
I play hard rock kinda stuff in a band.
First things first:
Atm I have an second hand roland 25 watt.It's alright but it's a bit long in the tooth and has a few problems.
I'm hoping to go into the second hand 50-100 watt range.My budget is about $400-500 AUD for a second hand amp.
Atm I have a second hand wasburn MG-24.It's basically the same story as the amp.
I'm looking at an epiphone sg for about $300-400 AUD.
Do you reckon I've got the right idea?
Advice anyone?
You dont need a 100 watt amp. Get a small tube combo (15-30 watts)
A 30 watt tube amp will be as loud as a 100 watt solid state amp, plus it will sound better.
A Peavey Classic 30 sounds pretty right for you