I am looking around for a second new bass.
I currently own a GSR190 but i want something good/better. I mean the GSR is a great for starters but if you want more it is just plain crap.

Now there are 2 basses i had my eye on.
1 is a Fender Jazz 60 sb (Mex.) € 849,- (US € 1.149,- Maybe if it is realy better)
2 is a Lakland 4401 nat € 899,- (Unfortunatly the 4402 costs twice as much and im not sure if it's twice as good)


Does anyone have any experience with lakland? How are they compared to the Fender. If i look at the specs of both and compare them the are very simular except for the pickups. (Lakland has 'Bartolini' and fender uses 'Samarium Cobalt Noiseless')

I know fender make solid basses and is the leading brand (prety much every prof. bassplayer owns one or has owned one )
But i realy like the natural look of the lakland and although korean cars suck bad they seem to to be able to make a solid bass.

As for AMP Currently i own a Vintage bass amp (cheap amp i traded for a guitar amp i had). I have had my eye on a Trace Eliot bass combo the day i bought my Ibanez. This amp was used in the store to test my Ibanez on and it sounded great. Likely this will be my second purchase (715 Combo € 799.00)

SO your input on this. (Yes i will try the bass in store befor i make the actual purchase)
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Unfortunately, with two very similar price points and two very respectable companies you're going to get a good bass, sad to say. That means the only way to tell which you want is to try them out, a lot. Personally I would take the American Jazz over life itself (maybe not) but you might be a Lakland soapbar guy through and through. There's no real way to tell without playing them.
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anyways TS, hmmm, well Fenders are great, and Jazzes especially, but there's something about that Lakland, and you dont see many about (certainly not here in the UK) so it's got that rarity/novelty value...my gut is go for the Lakland, but my gut may be crazy, because I personally like the rarity/novelty value...
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Lakland make very very good basses, I am looking at a 44-02 as my next bass, I played one and loved it. I'd take one over a Fender Jazz any day.
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I've got a 44-02 deluxe, and I ABd it with the top end American Fenders and it just had a something extra because I was really liking the US Deluxe P initially. I love the Bartolini pups. Although I don't know how the 44-01 is, I know that Lakland as a brand have fantastic basses and I haven't run into a problem with mine after having it for nearly two years. It also has a neck that I prefer, slightly bigger than a J but slightly smaller than a P, ie just right .
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