My name is Rob and I've been playing guitar and working on Vocals by professional instructors such as Mellisa Cross for growled and clean vocals for a few years now and am wanting to join a metal band. I am very keen and VERY commited to go all the way to have the bands name in lights on stage in front of thousands, it is my dream. I DO NOT wish to join a band who only want to play locally.

My singing style is similar, if not, identical to Alexi Laiho's from Children of Bodom and clean vocals sound similar to Killswitch Engage, I have my own PA system set up for practice.

My BIG influences on Guitar are, ALexi Laiho, Malmsteen, Vai, Dave from Megadeath, Petrucci, Satriani, Slash and Michael Angelo Batio

If you are interested, then e-mail me at 'robertocartez@hotmail.com' or call me direct on 0413 385 575 and we can go from there. No worries