Open your Window
words & music
Greg S.

You say goodbye
Before you say hello
You walk away
Before I walk in
You turn out the light
So you don’t have to see me

Open your window
Please let me in
Open your mind
Let this thing begin

You say it’s all wrong
I have no chance to make it right
But I’m gonna try
I’m gonna fight
If you think its right
Listen for a knock at night

repeat chorus

At the end:
Open your heart
Give mine a chance

this one wrote its self. I came up with the chorus over a year ago. the rest of the song just built around it smothly.
Last edited by Gregoriose at Mar 17, 2008,
I like the first verse, the meaning and the interpretation of it is very good.
Maybe it would work better with music, but it feels like a half parody, but all songs get more deep with the music on.

Personally i would try rewriting second verse so it fits the first in form and meaning
yeah I see what you mean. it could use some work. I haven't really edited it yet or made changes though.
I think it sounds better with music. but even so I'd like to profect the lyrics. at least to my standards
^ Thats a cheap way to bump bud.

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