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i've been playing guitar for 2 months and i play a Dean Vendetta XM and i'm pretty sure i'm progressing fair enough, but i'm pretty much heading towards not being able to play guitar, but being able to play metallica...

does anyone live near or maybe even in Marietta, GA and know any lessons? I want some, but the only place I know is Ken Stanton Music has 2 instructors who play only like blues and country, and I would like someone who teaches techniques that would help ME, i don't wanna play country-metal lol
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Yea it doesnt really matter what your instructors play. Your just there to learn the fundamentals and do with them what YOU want to.
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Seriously, the teacher isn't gonna teach you his favorite songs. He is gonna teach you music theory, and try to improve your technique. My teacher played jazz, blues, country, and all kinds of stuff and I play metal. His style will really have no effect on you if you use the material the way you want to.

That being said, the blues is THE most important thing to learn, for any genre, metal included. It will not only give you a few tricks to throw in when neccessary, but it improves your "feel for the music" so much that you wouldn't believe. Oh and despite what you think, a lot of country/blues guitarists can show up metal players in technique and knowledge.

Lastly, for gods sake, open your mind to something different. Your close minded attitude is the only thing that will hinder your ability to learn from the lessons. Take the damn lessons, and you WILL be a better metal guitarist.
Until you find an instructor, there are many sites on the internet that have free lessons.

Keep in mind, ALL lessons no matter what the style/genre, will make you a better player.

One that I have been using recently is www.musicmoose.org.
You can finds scales and arpeggios to practice at http://www.myguitarsolo.com/index.html

Also, check You Tube. Alot of people have posted techniques, along with detailed lessons on specific songs....

I've been playing for many years, and I still get use out of the lessons... no matter how basic or advanced they are.

hope that helps.
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If you don't find a teacher, it's still perfectly possible to progress well by yourself. There are plenty of online lessons that will point you in the right direction.

The biggest thing for me was coming to the point where I stopped asking myself how to make something sound the way I want it to and started asking myself why I want to make something sound the way I want it to. "How" is just a series of notes, "why" is the theory behind that series of note.
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