I'm not to learned in the electronics department so i wondered if someone could help here. Apparently, according to a mate, a low watt head can power a higher watt cab. So, what is the ratio between the two? The reason for asking is I was thinking of getting an Orange Tiny Terror, so... yeah.
The power rating on a cab is simply the maximum that you can put to it. As long as the impedance matches you can put any amount of power to the cab as long as that amount is between zero and the power rating.
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Hey i need a power accumulator (or whatever) (a cheap one please)
for my pedal board I'm kinda building..
it'll have two pedals (yet) Morley WAH and RP-90 Processor... also a very little amp with little speakers..
I'll also have an adaptor
but i kinda need a power suply to be able to play wherever and whenever i like...
any good advice