Hi All... i started learning guitar 2-3 months ago with a somewhat used and in not-so-good-condition Rockers PRS-style/imitation (not an actual PRS). Despite the condition - sound is pretty poor, one volume knob was missing, one pickup is loose, some fret buzz, fretboard is a little worn - i quite enjoy playing it!

I'm thinking of upgrading to a new guitar and thought why not just buy the same one, but new? They probably aren't the best quality instruments but they come new for £99. I do like the shape, the fact that it has 24 frets, slightly smaller body than some Strats i've seen etc.

Sound like a good idea?

The other option is to get a Vintage VRS100 - the shape is exactly the same as Rockers - but more expensive at around £160. Not sure how different it would be.
I would say to save a little more cash and get a better one. A crap guitar can really hold you back.
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yeah save some money and buy a new PRS similar to the one u have if like playing with the crap one u would love the new one
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If you saved another couple hundred you could get a lower-end PRS which would probably be quite a bit better.
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keep practicing on what you have... and do a search for guitar maintenance... I'm sure with a few slight adjustments you can eliminate many of the problems that you are having with your guitar.

save up some money for a year or more... then buy something a bit better. This way you will get a better instrument, and you will have a better grasp on what kind of player you are and what kind of guitar you will prefer to get.
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Try to clean your current guitar up, and save money so when you find the right guitar, you can get it straight away. Have you tried any more expensive guitars? You'll probably notice a big improvement in construction, feel and tone.

I know how you feel, though. I love my cheap Ibanez more than any expensive guitar I've ever tried. And yes, I've tried Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez Prestige, Michael Kelly, Jackson, Schecter, Brian Moore and a Parker Fly. I guess they have some nice features, but none have actually pursuaded me to switch from my Ibanez.
2-3 months? You can probably get by with what you have for a while and save up. Keep at it and practice.