Decided to restring my FR'd gutiar for the first time. So far it ain't going good, just realised I'm missing a string (used on another guitar when one snapped...) and now this.
Just took all the strings off (Needs a good polishing, hehe) and went to take out the battery that was holding the brideg up. Now, somehow in my mind, I thought that the bridge would go away from the guitar, meaning it would come out easy etc. So, I puts my hand in and pushes the battery out. Big. Mistake. Bridge came slamming down on my fingers. Was stuck squirming for 5 mintues trying to get the thing off me. =/

So, this happened to many others? Or.. am I just.. an idiot? >_>
haha, the first time i did re-strung my ibanez i did something similar...but i was really good with trems right away, so it only took me something like 10 minutes to put the strings on and get the tensions equal at a level i wanted.
you are an idiot, but you are not alone. hahaha.
just buy a set of strings asap. by the way, dont try to take out your trem. just not a good idea, unless you really know what you're doing.
Hah, sadly the next time I can get some strings is.... *drumroll* Saturday. If I'm lucky. It's quite a trek to the nearest guitar shop...

Damn you and your skills. >_>;

As much as I want to have a look at the wee intricite device that almost ate my fingers, I don't really want to take it out. =p
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well for one you took all the strings off, mistaaaaaaaaaake

lol i don't have any probs with mine :P
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Aw balls.

...so how am I meant to clean it then? >_>;

And seeing as it's too late now. Am I screwed in anyway shape or form? Or is it fixable? =o
lol. Watch out! Floyds are starting to revolt! One tried to eat this guy's hand! I'll be on the look out to see if any of mine get upeddy! Is it the originals that are attacking or the licensed ones?
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Here's a few hints:

1. Keep the trem bar attached so that you can move the bridge as necessary.

2. Replace one string at a time. Get it close and then fine tune later.

3. Unscrew your fine tuners all the way and then screw them back in about two full turns so that you'll have plenty of room to tune up as the strings stretch, but also some room to tune down if necessary.
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A tad late for steps 1 and 2, but, hey, I shall keep that in mind.

Step 3. Uhm. I see.

(Why the hell didn't I go for the Hellraiser without the FR. ;_; )

the whole point of putting the battery in there is to stop the bridge moving if you take all the strings off...wtf were you taking it out for?

I never take all the strings off a floyd unless I'm changing the pickups.
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Y'know. Now that I think about it.

I actually can't remember why I was taking it out. >_>
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Y'know. Now that I think about it.

I actually can't remember why I was taking it out. >_>

I think some people (myself included) have an unconscious urge to try and take everything they own apart and reassemble it at some point for no apparent reason.
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Sounds about right tbh. >_>

Well. It's now decidedly polished, clean and shiny.

Now if only I had a set of strings to go with it. XD

Oh well. *Breaks out the dusty BC Rich Virgo*
Gawd, that is classic! Getting owned by your tremolo. I gotta ask, think real hard, WHAT THE HEEBEEDEBEJEEBUS possessed you to take out the thing that clearly stops your tremolo snapping back?? If the battery is under pressure, how the heck could you think the tremolo would go UP? I've never owned a Floyd before my Ibanez, and I got the restring perfect the first time ^_^ Has common sense just gone out the window? :P

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If you want to take it off, just take out the springs in the tremolo cavity on the back of the guitar. The bridge just falls out then.

LOL @ the finger crushing part. I shouldn't laugh but I'm laughing right now.