Hey guys..

Tell me your way of becomming a guitar player. How did it begin? How was your progress? Did you have thoughts about stopping playing guitar?

Well.. my story..

About 1,5 years ago I found an acoustic guitar at my girlfriends home. I grabbed it and tried to play ... I think it was "Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground" from The White Stripes.

And it worked pretty good so I took the guitar home and got into the whole thing with the tabs. I had an "Internet-friend" who could tell me how to play.... I had so much fun with this little acoustic guitar.. the time was so cool.

Then I bought my first electrical guitar for about 160 € with and amp and started playing.. and practiced and practiced.. then I started to play with an old friend of mine who plays drums and we soon rebuilded our friendship.

I got my Esp Ltd-Kh202 and practiced even more.

Of course there were a few amps.. the first one came with the cheap stratocaster copy and was a Line 6 Spider ÍI Combo. Then I had a Line6 Flextone Plus (the first one).

Now I have the Vetta II.. I think I'm a line6 fanboy

Just before my 17th birthday I made this video which documents my progress in playing guitar.

I think it is cool to see me improving.. my hair growing.. and my gear changing.

From Smoke On The Water to Creeping Death -First Year Guitar

Maybe you also have those videos?! - Post them!

When I was about 11, I for some reason decided that it would be cool to play in a band with my friends. I thought I'd play the guitar, cos I like the sound it makes.

My parents were reluctant to get me one at first, so a friend kindly lent me a 3/4 size classical guitar. I played that for a few months. Then my parents got me my own guitar, and some lessons.

The rest, how they say, is history.
Dude that's a sweet freakin' idea. I wish I had done that. Lucky you to have a band to practice with, makes everything so much more fun to do. I'd love to see another video of this next year to see what you're up to. Keep it up!

Me, I had a guitar sitting around for awhile, and one day I felt like taking it to school. (college, I had a lot of time between classes) I sucked but my friends would always name out songs they wanted me to try. Thankfully they were all easy. I'd bring it to school everyday and practice and stuff. Then I met one of the janitors at the school one night, he picked it up and played. I seriously thought he was one of the best players ever. He showed me how to tune my guitar, some notes, and a few things like hammer-ons and such. After that I just kept practicing. Worked my way through "Iron Man" then "Sweet Child O' Mine" picked up some Metallica things. Learned some classical, and always borrowed amps from fellow guitarists. Now I'm walkin' around with a PRS CE 24, an Ovation Celebrity, and no amp. (I know, I'm a dumbass.)
Started to play the electric guitar at the age of 14, after quitting piano lessons.

Back then I was a naïve dumb**** who only thought about playing teh k00lest songs. Still, I continued doing so because I didn't like taking lessons back then, and stayed like that.

Fast forward three years and I have decided to pursue a career in arts, but lack money and willpower to go through proper training. Failing grades in school and destroying my relationship with my parents have been negative side-effects :|

My gear is a Fender Stratocaster bought by me dad when he was my age, a semi-****ty Vox Amp and a Crybaby Wah. I'd get more stuff if I had money or knowledge about them :C
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Dude that's a sweet freakin' idea. I wish I had done that. Lucky you to have a band to practice with, makes everything so much more fun to do. I'd love to see another video of this next year to see what you're up to. Keep it up!

Hm.. this "band" was no band. The 2nd guitarist left as we were to good for her (she said we disregarded her.. but.. well we just wanted to play something faster than 140 bpm).

The only thing that helped me is that you have to play while standing. At home I just practiced sitting on a chair.)

And.. welle the second year there was no special improvement.. well ok i improved but the difference is not that big than the year before.

But I started playing drums last week

I began guitar sort of as a joke. I went to a concert for some local band and after the concert I was talking to the guitarist and we thought it would be funny if he signed my shirt with the preface "to the best and baddest guitarist ever," and then after that I kind of wondered why I don't play guitar. So I bought an acoustic for twelve dollars at a pawn shop at my grandma's podunk town and on each fret, wrote each note on a piece of duct tape (I was trained to read sheet music earlier).
3 or 4 of my friends were doing it. I went to one of their houses, showed me a few things. I was like, "this is cool! ".

I was so hooked on learning 'Fear Of The Dark', and other metal and rock songs.

I stopped for a whole year, then decided to go again. I decided to ask mum for an electric guitar kit (amp, strap, tuner, etc.) It was sh*te, but it was still a guitar nonetheless.

I then got a better amp, then a few years after that, my Telecaster.

Then an RG, and last Christmas, a new amp. lol. I'm really not that into electric guitar now, but I can still make up lots of new songs most of the time. I've stopped thinking about wanting to play fast (sweep picking, shredding) but I still try to play black metal and grindcore.

I'm in love with playing Classical guitar now.
I started having lessons when I was about 8. It was terrible- we just played 1 line tunes, and I left.

Then I started again when I was 12, because I wanted to be cool. I was playing oasis and g'n'r on a squire strat. I had this picture cut out of a magazine of a BC rich warlock, and I was like "I wish I had that guitar".

Then I got one, when I was 15, and I've been trying really hard to learn since then, and I think I've made quite a lot of progress.
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I got my first guitar when I actually asked to be in guitar lessons. It took about 2 or 3 months for the guitar teacher to respond. But it actually began when I started to play my dad's old guitar. I then got my acoustic, then practiced simple music, then got my electric, practicing both notes and tab, then started to shred, which is where I am now.
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I wish I could play the guitar.

Sure you can, mate.

Not everybody can play their fav artists but if you have feelings you have a style with your guitar.

If you haven't played a guitar before or just learning, Learn the major chords like C A G E and D and use the circle of fifths. Look up chord progressions and strum away. Get used to rhythm playing and the nitty gritty of guitar playing will come later.

The 5 major chords I listed I pulled from the caged system. They are used as chord "shapes" and everything is found in each of the shapes. Scales, pentatonics, triads, inversions, modes, etc. It's all there. Later you can learn how to alter the chords and make 'em minor, minor7, major7, etc.

More important is to have fun with your guitar.
This is my favorite story to tell. people hate sitting next to me on charter coaches and the bus now

So yeah, i was into this chick when i was 11. at the time i was listening to 50s and 60s pop and rock n roll and motown (lots of bad ****) so i got rejected and didnt know what to do, so i put my time into music, not playing it just listening to it. my friend turned me on the alternative station and this is 2004 keep in mind and emo wasnt huge and i never heard the word emo until i got hooked on other music. so there i was listening to my chemical romance, fall out boy, and other bull**** and my mom didnt like that so she changed the station to the classic rock station. that same week me and my dad were coming home from a meeting at school and i heard "Crazy Train" and at that time once i heard Randy Rhoads riffs and solo I immediatly picked up a guitar and learned the song. to this day Randy is still my hero and i use music to cover up my relationship problems and hate and other **** music is written about.
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Whoops, I'd better tell a little about me.

I got my first guitar for xmas at the age of ten. It was some f-holed acc guitar and I also got a "play with the ventures" album with it. It had 4 songs on it and I only learned two off of it, Pipeline and Honky Tonk. The other two I didn't like.

That was fun and I wanted more so I learned how to read my sis's piano songbooks. Later I found out that I needed to transpose to the lower octave when my mom told me that I'm playing to high on the guitar.

In jr high school I met a guy who played drums and we got together to jam around after school. We started playing instrumental stuff like the ventures and the safaris. He played Wipe Out like nobody else did and that song became our "theme".

That was when I talked my mom to buying me an electric guitar and I got a red Airline 335 copy from montgomery wards. Later a friend gave me a small amp that looked like a suitcase. Weird but it's tubed and sounded pretty good.

Then along came the beatles. We added a few of their songs to our set but nobody can sing very well so we just went back to instrumentals.

Then the drummer died. Too much alcohol. I put up the guitar. That was in the early 70s.

In '97 I saw a epiphone telecaster in the local shop having a clearance. I thought hell I miss guitars so I bought it. I also picked up a crate 15 watter to go with it. I just become a bedroom jammer and relive the 70s and 80s music.

Today I have a custom handmade electric guitar and too many amps and fx boxes.
I got my first guitar, a crappy yamaha acoustic that my dad found on the side of the highway, for christmas when I was in 6th grade. I then started to take lessons after letting the guitar sit and do nothing two years after I got the thing. Eventually, I got my Fender Strat, and my Marshall MG (I know, I know). Now I've been taking lessons still on and off when I am able to find the time to do it. I've been playing for church quite a bit, and am writing some of my own original music now. I won't be pursuing a career in it though, as much as I'd like too.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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I think I first wanted to play guitar when I was about eightish, then that Christmas I got a pretty rubbishy acoustic guitar, didn't think of it as rubbish at the time though, but I never learned to play it because a) I never got a teacher and b) I think there was some lessons that came with the guitar but I found them very confusing looking so I just left it.

Five years in the future, me and some friends had talked about starting up a band, in which I would sing, but I needed to get a bass and learn to play it, and I kept on talking about it, but I intended to buy it myself as I had a job at the time.
My mum caught on and at christmas, I ended up getting an electric guitar, which I was quite gutted about but I thought "Hey if I learn this it will make it easier for me to play bass," so I persevered, and the first thing that helped me learn songs was my cousin teaching me how to read tab. Then like a month later I broke my first set of strings, and I remember finding changing strings pretty difficult (I managed to break the strings as I was putting them back on), and frustrating, so again I thought "Right I can't be done with that frustration lets learn bass," but again I thought meh might aswell learn to play this thing.
The following birthday I got a bass, a Swift Precision copy, which although the neck was dodgily joined, sounded and played not too shabby.
For my first year of guitar playing, I made the fatal mistake of really liking Greenday, and being hooked on power chords for a year.
Then I finally got sick of one of my friends telling me I was ****e, and decided to really start learning scales and chords and stuff, and I've pretty much done that since.