Poll: Which is the best bluegrass recording?
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9 33%
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18 67%
Voters: 27.
Yet more Bass Wars recordings: it's everybody's favourite bluegrass!

Remember we're judging original basslines. Vote for your favourite on the basis of how it fulfils the brief as a bluegrass bassline and the quality of the writing and playing. Recording quality is NOT to be taken into account.

Entrants are:


Poll will close in a week so get listening and voting!
Yeah, just silence...

EDIT: Haha, funny speach at the end, nutter :P

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fleaflicker182 - This was very good, it grasped that country feel to it in both layers of the song. Had great structure to it to although the lower chording was a bit muddy. Well kept in time and obviously lots of effort put into it! I want to grab a Uke and play along Good work!

greenhalagog - ...

Chris - good job it was good. Nice structure (abeit a bit random). Good work on the rhythm. Bit short tho! *hears the message*

Must... vote for... Chris... Must vote... for Chris...

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Flea- Nice job, but somewhat "blah". I don't know how to explain it really. It sounded good, but there was something missing.
Green- Best bluegrass song ever written? Yes.
Chris- Excellent. Nothing to say other than it got a little messed up halfway through. about the speech at the end though.
Quote by jazz_rock_feel
Green- Best bluegrass song ever written? Yes.

That's what I was going for...haha? No?..sorry about the messed up recording guys I don't know what happened to it, and my cable messed up so I couldn't re-record it
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Quote by elemenohpee
Nutter I'm sorry, but that sounded almost identical to Stu Hamm's country music. I couldn't possibly vote for it.

Who is this Stu Hamm?

What is country?

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Oh wow. Another tough choice!

My vote goes to greenhalagog.

But no.

Really, though I felt that Nutter's had some fantastic work in it... I'm going to have to go with fleaflicker's. And I'll tell you why!

1. After listening to them both twice, I realized that fleaflicker's really had a better progression. It was quite ingenuitive. Because that's a word.

2. Nutter, my initial reaction was that you were playing a very good bassline. And then I realized. It didn't feel... like a bassline. It felt like you were playing a guitar. And in fact, for most of the song, you were in the high range. Fleaflicker, on the other hand, made me remember he was playing a bass. Twice.

3. Though it was riotously funny, I cannot credit you for the end speech, and in fact, without it, your piece falls under the 90-second mark. Objectivism is a harsh woman, I know, but I must be fair. Also, that is another word I have made up in this post alone. Objectivism.

So, my vote's to fleaflicker. Great work, both of you!

...And greenhalagog...
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i thought fleaflicker's piece was good, but until about the 1:10 mark had nothing "bluegrass" about it. very good bass, but not "genre" related enough for me.

Nutter's piece was way more "country" to me, and thats closer to bluegrass, than fleas'. it was also well played, and entertaining. both players have considerable skills.
but on this one, i'm going with Nutter.

in the right genre, fleaflicker is going to be tuff to beat. good job boyz!!
Toss up b/w Nutter and Fleaflicker... I'll have to go with Fleaflicker.

As Whylater pointed out, it was more of a bassline, and although Nutter's was probably more bluegrassy (whatever the hell that means), it was more guitar-like.
I loved Rootin Tootin Nutters on this one. Had me shakin in me boots?
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I'm going to address the people who were condemning the fact that my piece was more guitar-like in sound.

To be entirely honest, if someone had asked me "Which genre do you want to do for Bass Wars?" I would never have answered "Bluegrass". I wouldn't even if my nipples were on fire and my testicles lightly dangled in Margarat Thatchers tender mouth. But that's another story.

Point is, I'm not familiar with the genre at all, and so I couldn't write any drums or guitar parts for it to provide a solid base for the bassline to solo over. If I get through, you'll see some much more technically "bassy" work from me, don't worry.
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<Jon> i hate seeing what i said around lol

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I have to say this phase of the competition made me laugh so damn hard. And I got to hear Chris' speaking voice!! Double bonus!! AND I HATE BLUEGRASS!!

It was a hard choice between Nutter_101 and fleaflicker182. Both were great in their own ways. fleaflicker182's was a bit too Grateful Deadish to me, esp in the second half. But if we ever do that genre, submit it, you're a sure winner.

Yes, Chris, that reminded me strongly of "Country Music (A night in Hell)". But honestly traditional country music and bluegrass bass all sounds like that so, for the genre you win.