Hello ugers, I was practicing my muted slaps with the song "hot water" by Level 42 and whenever i seem to do a muted slap with my left hand muting over the 5th fret, it seems to accidentally produce a harmonic. Is there any way I can get around it? (I have my hand over the 5th fret because right after two muted slaps is a hammer-on 5 to 7 on the a string)
Is your hand over the actual fret wire? As that would be causing the harmonic, just move your hand more towards the middle of the fret and that should stop the harmonic.
Also, you could try applying slightly more pressure to the string, not so much as to fret a note, but enough to mute the string adequately.

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oh yeah, you're right, my hand was just a little bit over the fret wire, but it almost needs to be like that so i can drop down real quick and get the hammer-on.
I personally use two, or sometimes three, fingers to mute. That way, you either dampen the harmonic, or kill it completely. Play a harmonic with your index finger. Then put a finger just in front of it, and play it again. You should hear the difference
exactly, play 5, 7 and 12 mute notes with more than one finger, so it cuts the harmonic

best just do it with all mutes to get used to it
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Yep, if I'm slapping on a harmonic I always put 2 fingers on it instead of just one. Or just one finger not-right-above-the-fret lol. Works for me.

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