I'm a versatile guitarist that plays anything from Tool to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've been learning what I can here and there about amps and I think I want a modeling amp. This amp will be used mostly to practice alone, but I would prefer to buy an amp that will transition well from the practicing alone stage to the practicing with a band stage. My local guitar store is quite small, as I live in Maine. They have some Vox Valvetronix and an Ibanez Mimx that I can try, but I haven't done so yet. I'm basically looking for some recomendations that I can check out online or at a larger music store. I really don't want to spend more than $400 on this amp and that is pushing it.
If you want to play serious practices and gigs, you're best off looking for a used Flextone. Check Craigslist and Ebay; you don't always have to buy from stores.
I searched ebay for a flextone and found several different models, are you suggesting a specific one or just any old one? Also why do you think this flextone is a better choice?

I see a used flextone combo in my price range on ebay right now. It's the 1x12 version. It's listed for $300 which is hundreds less than most of the other ones. But the seller doesn't accept paypal and I don't feel comfortable paying through the mail. Unless someone here knows of a way to protect against getting ripped off.
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That's just my advice. If you're stuck with something digital and modeling, go for a good digital moddler. Some say the II or III has better high gain or something, but they're all very very versatile.

There's really no way, just trust the ebay. Try Craigslist too.
I really wouldn't recommend buying a guitar that costs $1300 and then buying an amp for $400. Either buy a cheaper guitar and get a better amp or open up your budget higher because that guitar deserves better. Don't get me wrong, the Flextone is a pretty good amp, but if you're getting a guitar that costs so much I think you need an amp that will be just as good.
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