Hi guys.

Seeing that a lot of the bands I listen to use a tubescreamer to boost their 6505s up a bit, I was wondering, how does a tubescreamer sound with the 6505? I need sound samples, A/B. Amp with tubescreamer and amp without tubescreamer.

Any place I can find this?
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@ TS: Youtube is your best bet I guess.
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If you need it for a boost in the gain, then you're doing something wrong.

I think what you mean is to tighten up the sound, in which case would be something the 6505 can deffinately benefit from.

Unfortunately I don't have any clips of what it would do on a 6505, but I do have clips of me using my Line 6 TonePort's software with one for comparison on my profile. Granted, it probably won't be as dramatic of a change as it is on my clips as it will be on your 6505, but it will give you a little idea of what it will do. I believe the clips are called "pedal test"
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