Poll: Which is the best metal bassline?
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2 6%
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Voters: 31.
Here are more original basslines to judge...this time metal

Remember we're judging original basslines. Vote for your favourite on the basis of how it fulfils the brief as a metal bassline and the quality of the writing and playing. Recording quality is NOT to be taken into account.

Entrants are:


Poll will close in a week so get listening and voting!
I vote for Ouch_needles's song, it was a little bit messy at some spots but it's a very good song imo =)

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c3powil - urm, yeah, a mess, no offence, the bassline and melody didn't really fit and the bassline itself was all rootnotes (not saying they should never be in a song but still). Well done for taking part tho!

Bales - Very moody, unleashing the teen angst inside of you eh? It was good and I liked the build up and everything, good structure to it and nicely worked throughout. I could really see this working as an interlude on an album, it could never be a single, but its lovely and atmospheric... *comes to the last few seconds* WTFFFFFF?! You wanted to do bluegrass didnt you?

Ouch_needles - Good job on the structure, a building is only as strong as it's foundations and the same applies to music! The bass work was good and showed plenty of drive and although perhaps not the most technical at times, it's a good bassline (although perhaps borrowed a bit from Muse? ). My vote's with you!

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Alright, tough call...

c3powil - ...Come again? I don't get it. Maybe you're too Avant-Garde for me.

jazz_rock_feel - Fantastic, phantasmic use of effects! Not to mention a great tone. I agree with Jonno about it sounding like the perfect interlude - great interval reaches. And though I can't add points for it in my judgment, I thought your folksy breakdown was HIL-arious.

Ouch_needles - All in all... this felt like a metal piece. You obviously put a lot of work into it. You could have been a little tighter with rhythms, but that is harder for you to accomplish since you have such a busy, dynamic piece! A couple of licks sounded kind of familiar... though I can't really fault you, since as some wise dead man said, "The Greeks did everything." Something like that. Point is, you've really sold me that this is a metal song.

Though I loved yours Jazzy, it really would have shone better in an atmospheric kind of bracket. I'm going to have to give my vote to Ouch-needles. It was true METAL.
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...Coincidence? I think not.
c3powil - The timing doesn't match up with your song, and to be honest, it sounded more punk than metal at most points. Nice effort though

jazzy - Beginning reminds me of NIN. Which is a good thing. Nice and atmospheric, possibly an intro to a doom metal song? The last bit was pretty funny though.

needles - The only "real" metal song out of the three, IMO. A bit messy, but I could really imagine this being part of a thrash metal song.

Needles = metal
c3powil-the guitar made it seem more punk then metal. The bassline was okay, but IMO it wasn't metal.

Bales- very ominous feeling, and the ending made me Still was stretching what I would call metal.

needles-Well I think your piece was weakest at its surface, but it was a solid METAL bassline. More metal than the others. I think you could have controlled dynamics better. But I suck at them anyway...

needles on this one.
c3powil - Not brutal enough for metal. lol.

Jazz_metal_feel - Nice deep/rich touch and love the ending.

needles- Very solid metal lines. Great job.

I gave it to Jazzy
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Quote by IndianRockStar
c3powil-the guitar made it seem more punk then metal. The bassline was okay, but IMO it wasn't metal.

what guitar?That was all bass.
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c3powil - doesnt sound very metal at all and the timing was a bit off throught out the song

Jazz_Rock_Feel - the end ruined it. It was good though

Needles - the most metal song there was.

metal can be an adjective right?