Hi guys,

Today I was surfing on the net when I stumbled on two Epiphone firebirds V , one in black and one in white...

I was shocked ( with happyness) because I really love FB's , I admit a little bit because Grohl plays one , but also becasue the red and sunburst epi FB I seen so far are ...yeah I don't like them

But what is so special about them is that they are in white and black ofcourse , but they are also neck through body and have block inlays ... quite rare for an epi FB.

Now , how is the quality of those Epi FB's ?
I readed much thing about frettbuzz , strings ratlling , goes outta tune all the time , etc, etc ...

Please help me , because they are limited edition and they are quite cheap ...

Look at the detail pictures at the right above ...
Aren't they sexy ?

Thanks in advance , PF
those ARE sexy. and they don't have those annoying banjo tuners that the gibson's have.
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