A little work on this classic Satch song. A little thin on the tone still, as im still getting used to my new recording equiptment, but not all that bad. This isn't my normal musical style, so you will have to excuse the lame shredding in there. I'm more of a blues guy normally. I may add harmonica later if I feel like it.

C4C as usual, but not untill later, as im at school right now. Its the first song on my profile.

Shwank man! Tone a little too thin for my taste, but playing is GREAT!
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lotsa improvisation...i dont think u need wah there...quality isnt clear.... actually changed the whole song......i really didnt like it much......i think u didnt get the key change....5/10.....tone is shrieky...check ma song pour some sugar on me refer to the forums