EVE Guitars Ibanez RG Type guitar. Handmade by myself.


3 Piece American Ash body.
1 Piece Hard Rock Maple Neck, Set.
Ebony Fingerboard.
Neck Binding.
6mm MOP Dot Inlays.
24.75" Gibson Style Scale Length.
All Black Hardwear.
T-O-M and string through body.
2x EMG 81 Pickups
Wilkinson Machineheads.
3.5 degree Neck Pitch.
13 Degree Hadstock Pitch.
1x Master Volume, 1x Master Tone.
3 Way Gibson Style Toggle Switch.
Ebony Input Jack Plate and Truss Rod Cover.
Extra Jumbo Frets.
Oil and Wax Natural Finish.
All made from the best quality materials, no CNC routing. Comes complete with hard case.

There are several videos of this guitar on my Youtube channel - http://youtube.com/profile_videos?user=eveguitars&search_query=eveguitars

Postage is £23 via royal mail Parcel Post or collection is welcome.

Payment by Paypal, Cheque or Cash on Collection.

Any questions please ask.

have to say that looks gorgeous man. . . but it looks too similar to the blackmachine i have on order, otherwise i would get it. do you do custom fret work? if so, how much would you charge to do 3 different size paua dots at the 12th fret of a rosewood neck?
Yeah, If it just the dots you want doing, It'd be about £35 mate.
I do everyting accept finishing/re-finishing
Interested in a trade for my Gibson Les Paul studio? It's black with gold hardware and EMG 81/85. Includes hardcase

Let me know if you interested
My Gear:

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR (EMG 85/81)
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce
LOPO Custom 2x12 (Celestion V30s)
i can vouch for tabber666. done a trade with him nd was nice and smooth!
nice work man the neck joint looks comfy, shame Im in the US how much would one be in USD shipped? East Coast, Pennsylvania, USA 18222