Does anyone else think she is greedy, i would be glad to me married to a great musical mind.

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Rap is music,far better than metal for example. id much rather hear about hoes and anal sex than dragons and supressed homosexuality.
I don't particularly care about their divorce and I don't see why the media think we should care either.
I watched the GMTV interview when she compared herself to the McCanns when it was actually aired. She's a self-pitying, money-grabbing bitch.
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Never heard of her, and I don't care. That was my contribution.
It's really weird when you see a still of her face when she was on GMTV, she looks like some sort of alien
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Hottest pirate I've ever come across.
The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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People were fed up with her a damn long time ago
Just caught her post-court speech on BBC News, I genuinely believe I could kill the woman without remorse.

Anyone else hear it?
The irony was beautiful 'People must be sick of headlines about our boring divorce by now'
Well yes. So stop bloody talking about it like any of us give a crap, the only slight interest I had in the case was how the child would fare, no offence to McCartney but he didn't half pick a dud, and she deserves nothing of his at all, she's lucky to get what she has, moreso since she represented herself.
Heather who?

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Heather who?

paul mccartney's ex wife

(he was in the beatles)
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don't really care...its obvious she only wanted money in the end though
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paul mccartney's ex wife

Okay. Now I really don't care.
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Hottest pirate I've ever come across.

I think Paul's pulling her leg.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
who is this heather mills you speak of?

edit: nvm
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On topic: No, I haven't met any famous artists.

ofcourse i laughed xD

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I think Paul's pulling her leg.

lmao aww jeeeez.
A clear gold digger, but then again... Paul McCartney might be an asshole in person, you never know...
On the liner notes to Chaos and Creation... I think he says he couldn't have done it without her. Surely she should just get half the money from that?

Anyway, I think the press have given her a hard time, but she hardly ingratiates herself in interviews and suchlike.
She also gave an 11 minute speech in the normal style of her speeches, breaking the order of silence within minutes of it being made

Apparently the judge'll go ape-shit tomorrow, and good!
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i would be glad to me married to a great musical mind.

i've heard elton john is available
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music should only sound like a train running into a wall of BC riches plugged into line 6 spiders

But I mean all he has to do is release an album on itunes and bing bang, it's pratically payed for.
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Don't like either of them but I'm on her side more than his- no one deserves that much money, Beatle or not, and she gives more to charity.

McCartney- fabulous musician, greedy old bastard.

EDIT: Is she still not allowed to talk about stuff? It doesn't seem unlikely that he really did smack her up- according to the biographies (bad source I know) he's had a history of being a dick, even more than Lennon.
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well i get on the net and chat with hot chicks alot.
most of them want to see me naked.. and they are over 18..
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when she says "I've had worse press than a murder or a pedophile" she sounds so fake to me, she just seems like a bitch

and she rambles on about how she was at a 'point of suicide' what sort of person who has huge media attention would admit to that? it seems to me like she is just trying to make people feel sorry for her by dramatising things
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Does anyone else think she is greedy, i would be glad to me married to a great musical mind.

So would I, but sometimes you just have to settle for someone like Paul McCartney.
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