Would that actually work.? My friends and I are in a bind and are wondering if running a PA head through a 4x12 guitar cab would be loud enough or give off the right amount of tone. We've tried the guitar cab with a less loud PA this past weekend but would this idea seem to work for a 5 band house show this Saturday without making us look like jackasses?
That doesn't sound like a good idea. Most PA's have XLR outputs rather than 1/4" outputs. You have to be careful of wattage. Most PA's are more powerful than guitar cabs can handle.
Well, even if you were going to do something like that, the guitar cab's speakers couldn't handle some of the frequences and would blow the speakers if you're not very careful. If it were a bass cab it'd be a different story, but I still wouldn't really recommend it.
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Also consider that the guitar speakers in a 412 aren't designed to handle to full range of frequencies that a PA is designed to amplify. Guitar speakers cover a relatively small range and can be damaged if you push too much of the wrong frequencies on them.
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Ah we've tried a bass cab before, it was 100 watts and we simply plugged a mic into it, its louder than the PA that we have at the moment. One of the headlining bands is offering to bring their PA head but none of the speakers because they wont have enough space, so the problem is loud enough speakers
usually, you can run bass frequencies through a 4x12 and be safe as long as it isn't to loud (combos are another story altogether) it should work fine as long as the impedances match, but it probably won't sound too good.
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