I'd like to post a song of mine on UG for scrutinization, but my computer won't let me attach a file. I'm not a member of YouTube or Myspace or anything like that, so how would I have people listen to my song? Thanks
To upload the song to your profile I believe it has to be a 128bit mp3 file. I had the same problem a few weeks ago.

Google for CDex. I think it's free and you can convert from there.

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There are a bunch of sites out there in which you can post your mp3's for free...Ive tried alot of them however right now im using mp3.com...site has a lot of artists on it so it may be a bit slower than most sites...also your tunes can take up to a day to be approved...not sure why they do that however its probably for copywrite issues and are protecting themselves in some way.

MP3 give you 100mb of free upload space...100 is a lot more than most free sites give away.

Also on mp3 you can seperate tunes into albums.

When or if you sign up to mp3.com click on that arrow top right of page and then click or username/bandname after you sign in and then use menu to upload your tunes.

Here is my mp3.com page

Lightning mp3...make sure you upload original material only.



There are many other sites as well...just google mp3 host or hosting and pick the one you like...some free sites dont allow very much MB for free so make sure you get as many as you can when looking at mp3 hosts.
Go to this page to hear my original song recordings

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