Ok so last night a rythm was runnin through my head so I went to grab my guitar and just mess around with it...and my A string broke (standard tuning).

I've never strung a guitar on my own. I've always gotten somebody else to do it for me. I've always gotten the strings redone before they've snapped too. I know some friends that can do it for me, but I'd like to learn to do it on my own.

Any instructions? Tools?

I have a Standard Strat. It's set up for standard, but I play in Drop D and standard flat as well.

It's only been broken for 18 hours? Will the change in tension before restringing it hurt my guitar neck?

Should I restring only the one?
DO NOT put it right through the peg and tighten. wrap it around the peg a few times or it will keep breaking
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Replace all strings. You need to string them through the bridge first and DON'T bend them until you're ready to wind. Next snip the string about two tuning keys ABOVE where you want to string. Make a "string tree"(diagram below). There should be some string about the length of the width of your index finger. Wrap once above and the rest of the times below. Tune it to EADGBe first and then after about a day you can drop tune them so not too much stress is put on the strings.

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Jesus, you wind it with your hand every time, every string?!?

Hell, who has that kind of time, I would be done without my winder
take the strings off. loosen them, don't just cut them. only dumbasses at guitar world do that.

take some time and polish your baby. get some Gibson spray-on polish and maybe some body wax to jerk off. i mean wax your guitar. wax on, wax off. three times. get that sexy lady smooth. be sure to scrub the grime off your fretboard too. take care to clean your pickups, they corrode pretty easily.

to restring, put on the low E string. pull the string through the back or bridge or whatever you have, pull it through the peg with your left hand and hold the string tight with the right, directly over the 12th fret. when your string is about 2.5" from the fretboard, kink the string at the peg and tighten it.
then do your high-e and B string. then your A, then your G, then your D. gradually putting the pressure on opposite sides of your guitar will reduce warping. when you're done restringing, DO NOT CUT THE EXCESS STRING. coil it up and wrap it around itself so it makes nice little loops. yes, this can be annoying but it makes your tone sound better, i swear.
then you have to get the strings stretched. to do this by tuning your guitar to standard (i don't care what tuning you use, tune to standard first) and lightly pull the strings away from the fretboard at the 12th fret. then finger the third fret and do it again. and then the 7th fret. and the twelfth. be sure to press down on the strings above the nut and behind the bridge if you have one. do this thrice and your strings will not stretch anymore.
thank you, i'll be here all week.
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1. Put it through the back.

2. Wrap it around the peg.

3. Put it though the hole

4. Tighten and tune it up!