So I stopped sitting on my ass today and I started writing a new song, and well, here it is. It's epic/metal, like most of my songs, and it isn't done yet, also like most of my songs lol. Enjoy. C4C.

Edit 1: I updated a little bit more of the song today. It's the second file in this post.

Edit 2: Today I finished it. It's the third file.
Epic Piece.zip
Epic Piece Update.zip
Epic Piece Completed.zip
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Intro was pretty awsome.
The part after that was ok. Could have had a better key lead.
35-50 was a pretty cool riff, i liked when the drums came in.
The transition wasnt that cool.
The riff after is pretty much the same, but dude the little random **** at 57 was awsome.
The next transition here wasnt that good eighter.
The riff at the end there was pretty good yeah.

This was a pretty short song. is it done? It better not be, couse the ending wasnt any good.

Thanks for the crit on my Assassins Mission, but if you want me to crit any of your other stuff, just crit an otherone in my sig, perferebly the latest.
Hell no it's not done! I said that in my first post, and most of my song are 6-8 minutes long lol.
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I'm guna have to crit the midi cause gp5 is being kinda weird. waw that chorus is sweet. i love how it let rings. im having trouble doing that with a song im writing so maybe ill have a look on how u did lol. waw the choir ahs are amazing. i see were u took bridge lol. too bad that ultimate collab thread is still kinda dead.. gj ill crit more when update lol. till then crit for crit ! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=815495
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Epic indeed.

The intro was good, I'm a sucker for octave riffs. The second intro, however, was boring to be honest, and the repeated key-sweeps just got annoying after awhile. The preverse is nice and groovy, but I dislike how the drums sort of 'dropped' out, like in bar 47. The verse itself, however, is fine.

The choruses are amazing, definitely epic. The post chorus worked well, but the transition into the preverse seemed a bit sudden; not bad by any means, just a minor nuisance.

I'm not sure whether or not I liked the harmonizing in Verse 2 - Section 2, but the key change doesn't really seem necessary, but I'll grant it does add variety.

Chorus 3, in my opinion, has too much layering; and while 'walls of noise' can be great, the higher register harmonies and choir is a little overboard.

The bridge is godly. That is all that needs to be said.

I'd like to see the finished product, to see how it all turns out. In the mean time, good job.

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ok well i liked the intro, then most of it after bar 16 i didnt, exept bars 35 - 62, that was a sweet rgroove riff man. what style are you aiming for by the way.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=815591

My style lol.

Thanks for the crits everyone, I'm returning all the crits I owe right now.

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It was a little too melodic for me but that's just me. The riff at 57 really reminded of muse. I like the way it went into 66 after that, very flowy. I didn't really like like the acoustic bit after the solos but I really loved the solos. Overall 7.5/10
You do write pretty sweet songs. It was a little long, Solid song, but nothing was like "OMG!" so 7/10. That's all I have to say, keep it up. I just posted one called ambient if you wanna crit it quick.
nothing too interesting at all.

Lay off the Metalcore.
Only if you want to be a better musician, that is.

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nothing too interesting at all.

Lay off the Metalcore.
Only if you want to be a better musician, that is.

I don't see how my song being metalcore has any bearing on my skills as a musician.

There isn't anything really metalcore about it anyway.

Plus, you're influenced by a lot of uninteresting bands, so I'd like to see you write something better than this.
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Wow...this song is great but for reals. I'd definitely listen to your stuff if you were to record.

I loved the chorus A LOT. And the bridge with that guitar melody type solo was really good.

10/10 unlike many posters, I enjoyed this song a lot. I could listen to it thousands of times if it were recorded

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God never Midi sounded so good!! God the vers3 almsot brought me to tears! The re-Intro just after the climax was pure perfection with the cool percussion and chilled you down just to bring you up to more epicness! With great vocals on it, this song would be perfect!

Exactly the kind of music I alway wanted!! A power metal with a Real PROG side, The solos dint feel pushe din and evrything flowed realy well,Excellent Work!

that was awesome man, the melodic parts (intro, re-intro, choruses) were my favourite parts. wasn't really feelin the verses but thats just cause it's not my style; they're well written though. the outro was amazing.



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"Epic Piece" is certainly an apt name.
Well done, the choruses were very melodic.
Nice use of Arpeggios at the start. If you're a good sweeper (I'm not) you could have a lot of fun there!
so um yea, sorry for the extreme lateness lol

Intro was pretty sweet. I liked the chord progression and the melody there. Once it got to intro 2 it kind felt like you were dragging on the intro a little. Maybe try and do some variations with the drums or the keyboards behind the riffage?

Sorry to say it, but I didn't really like bars 37-65. The song just had this cool atmosphere goingand the kinda bluesy riff totally interuppted (sp?) it for me. I think the verse should be changed completely. It just didn't fit the feel that the intro had already established imo. It kinda seemed like it was a filler to get to the chorus.

The chorus was kickass however and completely suited the song I thought. I really enjoyed the melodies but I thought the ringing notes sounded kinda odd. I loved the piano melody you put in though, it fit perfectly and sounded amazing. The post-chorus solo thingy was sweet also. Chorus 3 was friggin EPIC lol.

First part of the bridge was cool. It had a kinda jazzy proggy feel to it which I really liked. Cool chord progressions too. @nd part of the bridge jsut blew me away.It was just this badass riff with a really cool string thing over it and the solos were awesome. Man, it was basically just kickass haha.

Acoustic re-intro was nice also. the bongos were pretty unexpected lol. I thought they sounded ok, but actual drums would probably sound better imo. Outro was nice also.

Overall, this was a pretty sweet song man, I just think maybe the pre-verse/verse should be changed around. I also think that you could have added a solo in with the chord progression from the main riff. Regardless, it's still an awesome song man. Keep it up, T&C needs more musicians like us haha :p
Oh yeah.
I forgot to say your Acoustic re-entry before the end is very nice. Personally I would make it much longer and probably fade on that to vary things a little.
everything was amazing; this is one of the only epics ive ver fully listened to on UG. i was interested the whole time-- good stuff man.

the only thing you could change is the drums. well tweak really. they werent very interesting IMO (im really picky about drums b/c im a drummer XD) and you could add a lot more generl effect to every part of this epic if you were more creative on the drum track. if you go to deathmetal/hardcore/techno in my sig it might help.
in other words, just use a little less copy-paste on drums. make the drums flow, but dont make them too repetitive

overall 9.5/10 -- great job!! and thanks for the crit btw (sry mines late)
that verse riff reminds me of bodom beach terror just after the verse. other than that very nice
Well, as I listen:

I'm a big fan of the opening riff but tbh it just goes on too long, the second variation isn't big enough, quite like the switch to 4/4 however. The sweeps are just unnecessary - there must be something else you can do beside just go up and down the same chord.

Not sure about the verse at all - if it's meant to be an epic song you really want to keep the strings in, it all just sounds very empty. However the transition to the chorus was brilliant. And the chorus itself is perfect, love every part of it - particularly the piano. I have to be honest though, I don't understand the post chorus at all. It just breaks up what you had going which was the epic side building up nicely. Section 2 of verse 2 doesn't get good until the end transition again, I really think you need to look at that verse riff. It's not a bad riff, just doesn't fit.

Good use of the choir in the chorus, adds a really good feel to it. Tempo change doesn't sound great, but they never do on gpro. Solo-y thing is ok, but too many blue notes for my liking, just not sure really what key you're in. It's definitely a Between the Buried like solo with all the out of key notes, but just tone it down a little bit.

Right, Bridge part 2 I am a fan of, love the low string chugging, although the first guitar solo sounds a bit too speed-based for my liking, there just isn't much melody really - don't be afraid to slow it down at times. Keyboard solo is good, definitely much better than I could have done...hate keyboards...and second guitar solo is better with the repeated riff at the end, good harmonies as well to build up that chaotic feel.

The acoustic re-intro is the best part of the song, especially when the piano comes in. It's good to see you've taken your original idea and put a different twist on it. Nice. Great transition back into the chorus, and that's good as always.

Basically, I think it's a good song with a lot of potential. The verse needs sorting as it just kills the mood you've been building up. Also maybe look at the first solo again. Nitpicking review as always - but there's definitely a very solid framework to build on. Hope to see more! 7/10

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