ok ive been playing for a while now and i think ive stalled a bit in creativity.
i need help wiht like learning new chords and difrrent picking patterns, new melodies to incorporate into my playing, right now i sound garagge/grungy/punkish.
oh and i play on the clean channel alot
i wanna learn to play fast aswell and i dont mean shreder status i mean like punk fast anybands i should take a look at get some good mosh beats going
also want to get technicle on the clean side of the amp to
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i suggest just broadening ur horizons, like what u listen to, try listening to something u normally wouldn't and work w/that
well the only chords i know are A,D,G,E,F and all the ones in between those Bmajor
anything i should now in the higher frets that sound nice like this guy was playina Zeplin song yesterday it wasnt stairway i dont know what it was but it was chords somewhere in 3 position and 5th and 7th,9th
just any chords in those positions
what i mean with technicle is stuff like neil young you know stuff like that
ive always thought if you can play like that then you can play about anything
i guese ill have to look into him its ganna take months and months and months but it will be done
Neil young isn't technical, at all. I'd suggest leo kottke.
FOR SPEED: Practice what you're trying to play slowly, then speed it up slowly until it's at the speed you want (yes, it's a broken record, I know).
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