I play a string thru Tune-o-matic bridge system, But every time I go to Guitar Center and grab those guitars with whammys, like a floyd rose, it seems so cool. In alot my songs, there are so many parts where I could some whammy stuff. But I don't wanna have to mess with tuning it, I go from Standard, dropped D, D Standard, dropped C, to C Standard. Now I now they are not the most convenient, but are they atleast, you know, won't take me half an hour to tune.
Won't take a half hour when you know what youre doing. Plus you still have your tune o matic for other tunings. Get a double locking trem, you wont regret it.
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A double locking trem is a floyd rose type tremmelo. Some double locking tremmelos are the Edge trems from ibanez(edge III is trash, but the Edge pro is suposed to be better than a floyd) ZR trem from ibanez(suposed to be the best trem out there right now) Schaler trems(probably spelled schaler wrong o.o) and theres some others.
Not worth it, IMO.

Double locking means that the nut doesn't allow the strings to move. It's unbelievable how well it keeps it in tune, really. Floyd Rose does it.

But for switching tunings like that, I really regret getting one.
Yea, you can't really change from standard to C standard easily on a floyd. If you bought one I'd keep the string thru for dropped tunnings and the floyd for standard.
yeah doing tuning changes like that on a floyd would actually require you do a complete set up almost every time you changed the tuning.
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I played an Ibanez S series guitar which, from my understanding, has a ZR trem. That thing was awesome, but I also like Schecter C-1 Hellraiser.
I play in dropped C, most of the time. So, you know, I could do some Atreyu dropped C stuff. But also Arch Enemy. With whammy bar, I could do some crazy C standard solo's.
Ibanez ZR's have a stopbar inside the mechanism which catches the trem when you release the whammy bar, and then springs hold the trem in place while you're not whammying. In theory, once set up in your standard tuning, you could drop the tuning say half a step and it would stay in tune. Don't quote me on that, I haven't tried it yet.

Edit: I support having multiple guitars for different tunings, I have my Ibanez in standard, my Squier in half-flat and my Cort in drop-D so I don't have to set them up each time I want to play different songs.

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Maybe get something with a regular trem, not a double locking. Only downside is, you can't go insane with the trem without it going out of tune.
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