This is the second time it's happened in the last six months, and to be honest, I'm quite interested. I'm in a funk band with six people I consider some of my best friends, but I really feel like I could be doing a whole lot more if I were to join a student band.

A previous one was blues - which I would have loved to join, but I had to turn down because of other things at the time. This time it's a small jazz group.

I have a burning desire to join, I never get to play jazz with my funk band - but...

1) I don't know how my band would feel about that
2) In the coming months we have a lot of gigs, I might not fit it all in
3) This jazz group want to enter a local comp where my band are also playing
4) Our brass members have joined other groups as well, which other members didn't approve of - if I go now, I worry the band will crumble.

What do I do?
Well, you could kinda just discuss it with your band, they're you're friends too afterall, right? If they support your decision, then hoorah. But if not, then I don't know, maybe consider moving into different musical genre's and trying something new sometimes.
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Join, never turn down a chance to perform music, even what ever crap it is, and jazz rocks! Forget what other people think, i play in a crappy pop band, as we gig LOADS!!!
i had a similar situation recently and i choose to join the new band and it was the best decision ive made in a long time. if its something you wanna do, do it. dont hold yourself back. now the first band i was in definatly donesnt sound as serious as yours is but i still think that doing what YOU want is the best option. definatly talk to your original band first. i didnt do this and i lead to a wierd few weeks but if theyre your friends they should understand.
Stay with your friends above all. If you can fit this in, do it. But only if.

Your friends will improve with time, and you will grow as a band.

...That's the theory at least.
friends are more important than fame, if you're gonna be playing for 2 bands in a comp by going with the jazz band then I'd stay with the funk band and...if you talk to them and get their opinions on it and stuff then join AFTER the competition..but only if your friends are supporting you with it, or at least agreeing
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jazz rocks!

irony anyone?

anyway, i think that if you care enough about your current band that you don't want it to fall apart, but fear it might then i would say no do not risk it.
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First of all, work out if you actualy have the time to be in two bands without either interfering with the other. Most of the guys in my band have side projects. As the holder of our band's diary, whenever they get a booking, they inform me at the same time as they inform the rest of their band and it goes into our diary, that way, we never risk someone being booked to play two seperate gigs with two seperate bands on the same day.
If you think you have time, or that you could make the time to be in two bands, then go for it. Playing in two differently styled bands generaly expands your playing ability quite a lot.
If not, you have a decision to make, which band you'd rather play with.

Whatever you choose to do, it's only polite to discuss it with the rest of your band, which will get you a lot more respect than if you just went ahead and joined this other band anyway without mentioning it to anyone.

As for the competition, hmmmm, that's a bit of an unfortunate position to find yourself in. Could you possibly join the jazz band after the competition?
And your band's reaction to the brass section joining other bands, well maybe you can point out that almost every top musical artist has done collaberations outside of their immediate bands, and that the improvement that you are personaly going to gain out of this can only do the band good.

I remember years ago being in a band where the drummer turned up one day and announced that he was joining this other band, but that it wouldn't make any difference to 'this' band.
The band he was joining was a much better known band than ours with a lot more experience and it genuinly was a great opportunity for the guy.
The guitarist didn't see it that way, and said so, in no uncirtain terms. He called him a traitor and all sorts of other names, until the drummer said that they were also looking for a guitarist. He changed his tune very quickly and asked if the drummer could put a word in for him. The drummer then said that actualy that was just bullsh!t but it proved that given the same position, the guitarist would do exactly the same thing.
The guitarist was too embarrased to say anything much after that.
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