My band uses Adobe Audition 1.5 for recording
We have a Peavey mixer, I forget the model though
Anyway, when we record live, everything records into one track
This is expected. However, we want vocals to record into one track, bass drum mic into another, bass into another, guitar into another, etc etc. You know?

How can we do this?
The mixer is useless for computer recording. Set it aside for live gigs or something. If you want to record on your PC, grab an audio interface. Recording a band on separate tracks live will require plenty of inputs, so a unit with at least eight analog/digital converters will be required. You'll also need eight preamps/DI boxes to make the signals audible.

Something like a Presonus Firepod... Or do they call that a Fire Studio now? Anyways, that's something that will work for you. You DO NOT need a mixer, the computer mixes.
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