I need a good blues riff or solo to play when im just jamming out on my strat. It can be medium hardness. It doesn't have to be a song, but i want it two be like Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, Mayer style riff where i can use some dirt.

Thanks, hope that not to hard!
As long as you know your pentatonic scales (it would probably be useful to know the blues scale as well) then just mess around with them. Try some slides, bends etc. to jazz up your improv. When you find a good sounding sequence, fiddle around with it until it sounds pin-point awesome. Try adding some notes not in those scales as well; for example some "darker" sounding notes can add atmosphere to your riffage.
New Minglewood Blues by the Grateful Dead has an easy and very cool progression that just begs to be jam'd on. The progression is very permissive to major lickage, i.e. monster bends, lots of Major/Minor jumps, chromatics, octaves, I just find it very open to many different ideas and angles as far as improvising goes. Try some modal pentatonics or some steel guitar licks(love 'em)

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